Induction Week Review

Induction Week Review

After my first week as an AberForward Curatorial and Technical Support Assistant, I spent the weekend reflecting on having thoroughly enjoyed beginning to settle in to the School of Art department.

Despite my supervisors kindly and patiently welcoming me into the curatorial area of the Art School, I can’t help but consider the usefulness of the Induction seminars and lectures organised by the AberForward and Careers Team. Although I understand Inductions are very necessary – particularly the Health and Safety ones – I feel as though some of the content was not entirely needed (I will explain this further later on). Having said that, I did really enjoy majority of the sessions. There were classes on CV advice, working in a team, and business strategy. More memorable workshops, in my opinion, include Big Ideas Wales, BRD: Board Sports and the lectures given byAberCareers consultants – all of which provided a unique take on how to engage an entrepreneurial attitude.

While a lot of the content was useful in a general sense, I felt as though a large margin of it was not tailored to or aimed at an Art student/intern. So, in that vein, I suggest that perhaps the AberForward Inductions could be more tailored: smaller (or a variety of groups), for example, comprised of different sessions depending on the area of the institute one is working in. Perhaps bundling all of the practical science subjects or arts/media/music students together in subject-based seminars would be more productive for not only the Aber Alumni undertaking the scheme, but also giving AberForward/Careers team the opportunity to seek out more guest speakers who have relevant experience in specific departments. However, I do think it is important and insightful to include the entire group in (at least) one workshop; especially because most of the interns have returned to Aberystwyth after having left for a few months. By that I mean it can be nerve-raking jump into a context surrounded by fifty-odd people you don’t know, so, in that respect, to be able to have the opportunity to familiarise oneself with others undergoing the same process is beneficial. But, as I mentioned before, I don’t think this is necessary for every single workshop in the three-day induction.

As for my actual placement: I am absolutely loving it. It’s relaxing yet challenging, interesting and practical… it’s such a wonderful job that I do not want it to end! In the first few days we (myself and my fellow AberForward colleague Ailis, were focusing on finalising the Exhibtions – Another Line to Follow, and A Radical Tradition / Eine Radikale Tradition – preparing for the opening night on Friday. This involved us polishing and painting the frames and hanging the artworks’ captions. Come friday night, we had such a great turn-out. So many people came, staff from the Arts Centre, the exhibiting artists, students and local art enthusiasts; the atmosphere was wonderful. I will, in fact, be blogging about this Exhibition on my main Blog, MollsPortfolio, so if you’re interested, check it out!

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If you are near / in Aberystwyth, definitely come and pay the Gallery and Museum a visit. Both of these Exhibitions are on until May 1st, and after that, it’s the Degree show!

I’d also like to thank the University for providing graduates with such a brilliant opportunity: AberForward is such a great idea and I feel privileged to be able to search the archives of artwork, help organise the Museum and Gallery, and work with the lovey School of Art staff. More updates coming soon.

What is AberForward?

What is AberForward?

AberForward is a unique graduate scheme organised by the university for the alumni of Aberystwyth University. The scheme is an opportunity to gain work experience in a specific department within the university: from Human Resources to Marine Biology, students can apply to three of dozens of placements within the institution, spanning the course of 5 weeks.

The scheme begins with a three-day Induction comprised of introductory Health & Safety talks and contract information, as well as guest speakers who run their own businesses demonstrating their experience employing an entrepreneurial attitude. The Induction takes place in a large hall (for my induction, it was located in MedRus Main), with all of the other fellow AberForward participants. This provides the opportunity to get to know fellow colleagues to boost your confidence and begin settling in to the workplace.

The work placement itself begins the following day after the final induction; you will receive a personal email from your supervisor addressing and outlining instructions of when and where to arrive etc.

At this current point in time, I have just completed my first day as a Curatorial and Technical Support Assistant in the School of Art, Aberystwyth. So – watch this space for more blog posts about AberForward experience!